Hi, Welcome to My Blog Page.

I’m Rolando L. Herrera a Marketing executive and Concept aficionado!

I’m a marketing executive and entrepreneur that enjoys helping people and businesses grow their concepts.

I’ve worked with companies like Disney, Boston Market, and many others and helped them deliver concepts that connect with consumers.

My expertise is in Branding and Digital Marketing strategies that use Social Media, Organic Marketing, Content Marketing, and Paid Search Advertising as the concepts vehicle.

I’m passionate about Online Marketing and teaching others how to “hack the internet” so that it works to their advantage and brings them the traffic and money to fund and grow the dream.

I’ve always said that you can have a million dollar idea but if you can’t connect that idea to an audience then it’s worth nothing.

I currently reside in Austin, Texas and enjoy the up and coming technological community here.

Please, feel free to explore my blog and get to know me, my ideas, and personal thoughts on marketing and its development.