Technical SEO in Action!

When people first think of the word SEO, they get a bit hesitant because they’re not sure what it means or what all goes in to SEO let alone technical SEO. While traditionally SEO refers to the content that goes in to whatever work you’re doing, technical SEO is a bit of the opposite. Technical SEO has to do less with the content of the material or project you’re working on and more of the work that you do outside the project. In this instance, it’s the layout or foundation for the work that you’ll be doing.

There are different aspects that go in to SEO such as on page SEO, Off Page SEO and technical SEO. The first is basically self-explanatory in saying that it’s the content that is being written. It’s also made up of the keywords that should show up when someone searches for content pertaining to that information you wrote. Off page SEO is more based on links and outside sources that will lead people around your page or even to your page. Technical SEO is how well your site can be filtered through and searched for specific content. There are some tips and things you can do to make sure that your page is getting the proper rankings which includes making proper use of technical SEO.

Tips and tricks

To start with you’re going to have to make sure your site runs properly so that any type of SEO content can be accessed by your visitors. A slow loading site can cause people to leave or even not make it there at all. This is where you want to make sure that one you can handle the amount of people that’ll be visiting your site without over loading it. There are a few web tools and services that you can use to help you navigate through those issues. You always want to make sure that any and all content is mobile friendly. In an age where technology is everything and people want to be able to access it from their smart phones, you want it to be set up so that’s possible.

Google has “spiders” that go out regularly and search every website it possibly can to make sure the content is being updated or at least being worked on. In order to have your pages ranked among the top you need to make sure your page stays up to date with fresh information and reasons to bring visitors back. Whenever you work with technical SEO or any other kind you want to try and avoid duplicate content. Google specifically has tools they use to track those pages down and have them removed. Finally, with any data that is produced or written, you want to try and throw some appropriate links in there to try and navigate visitors to appropriate content and back up sources. With some of these great tips and tricks, you’ll find that you can now put your technical SEO data among other things to better use.